This is from Saskatchewan
Our first 5D Mark II unboxing from the Great White North eh.

I still don't have one.

Haha, that was quite the response. Thanks all…. I'm going to enjoy the photography a lot of you have posted.

I'll probably give away more than 1 T-Shirt, I'll contact the random winners this week for mailing addresses.


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  1. I was at Calumet store in San Francisco and the rep told me they only received 3 for the whole store and won’t get any till next year. He said shipment was slow with the distributor. Nobody knows anything on when the next shipment.

    This whole thing is killing everybody. Some folks are getting their 5Dmk2 while a large bulk of other folks can only hope and pray they receive something via email or call. We are all drooling over the pictures!

    What a mess? Is this worth stressing out?

    We have better SUCCESS to get a “T-Shirt from Canon Rumors!”

    Canon got us all on the run!

  2. Just called the Calumet store here in the LA area (i’m on travel here) and the guy at the store said they had 5 paid backorders and about 50 on the wait list. He expected delivery in MARCH! Yikes.

    Check out the 5dmkii samples at

  3. Profeel pulled the impossible. I just received my tracking number and will be getting my 5Dmk2 next week. Note: I placed the order just last week, Wed 11/26. For me, they beat Ritz, OneCall, Calumet, Adorama, J&R, and B&H. A local New York store (Profeel) is the way to go! Thanks Canon rumors for directing me to go local stores. Hopefully CR is still accepting pictures of the open 5Dmk2. What would be really nice is to have a CR T-shirt next to my new 5Dmk2…..LOL!

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