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Shane Hurlbut has a new video posted on his website with a little contest going on behind it, you’ve got to discover which parts of the video were done with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and which were done with a Sony 950 and an Arri 235 (yes, a film camera!).

I’ve seen plenty of comments/blogs/forums where someone is saying it is difficult to combine the different formats or the Canon EOS 5D Mark II isn’t made to do big screen movies etc. Well folks, Shane is just doing it. You should see the excitement he showed at the Collision Conference 2 months ago during his keynote presentation (actually, I think we might be able to share some of that – keep watching this space).

He is just so excited about the new options he and his team have to produce beautiful moving images. Read more about Shane and what his team are doing over on Shane’s blog!

See Planet5D:…….

I did very poorly at this.


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