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5D Mark II Firmware 1.2.4?

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From a Chinese Forum

20091207 db70390780b101c42d1cxjuscmsNdQZW - 5D Mark II Firmware 1.2.4?
New Firmware Version?

Apparently the new version doesn’t add the new functionality we’ve all been waiting for.

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I did receive an email a couple days ago saying we’d see a new firmware for the 5D Mark II to make it compatible with the WFT-E4 II. That new firmware should appear any day now I’m told.

thanks Michael & marco


28 responses to “5D Mark II Firmware 1.2.4?”

  1. GUYS! Where is that bloody FIRMWARE?!?! I got my 5DMKII and I need 25FPS, not 30!! And I need 60FPS!!! BTW, what must be the speed of my CompactFlash? I have Transcend 8GB UDMA 300x, is it ok for the video?

  2. Is there a way to avoid the processors in the 5d all together and use an external processor and encoder to choose what frame rate as well as video format? I’ve also heard that on the 1d there is a hack that uses the hdmi port for the same purpose.

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