It's coming
The new firmware has missed a few of the supposed release dates I was told. I've been told the new firmware has been held up for extra testing.

I'm told again that Canon could be doing some PR moves with the firmware and adding a feature or 2. 24p perhaps? It would be a smart move by Canon for sure.

I'm told you'll all have it before the end of January for sure.


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  1. Hello everyone, I am very close to by the 5d m2 but I live in euorope so the 30fps is an issue for me, aswell for the manual limitations in videomode.
    How likely do you think it is that they will fix these “problems” in the near future?
    If these issues aren’t adressed I am sorry to say that I’d rather chose a video camera with 35 mm adapter. Like the Panasonic HMC-151 for instance. Thoghts?

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