Manual Control?

5d mark ii1 - 5D Mark II Firmware Update in the Wild?
Firmware Coming?

I've been told that Canon lent 4 5D Mark II's to a certain company with a firmware version not currently available.

The firmware is geared towards video. No word on whether or not some manual controls have been added.

I've been asked not to mention the industry or the project, so I won't.


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  1. Bought the 5d Mark II earlier this year. I’m a non-professional and first time full frame user. I’ve used a variety of cameras but not Nikon or Canon. I’ve EF lenses and have been using the camera for portraiture and scenic, in city, country, during winter and summer and am thrilled with the results (the enlargements are great). The movie function wasn’t an issue for me as, although I’ve tried it with good results, I could’ve done without it. It’s a little on the heavy side with the distance lenses which took a bit of getting accustomed to. No comment on price as, in my opinion, you often get what you pay for and I’m totally pleased. I work a lot in manual but I’ve not had any problem with the autofocus either. However, I did find it a little complicated at first – my problem not the mark II’s.

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