60D Specs
Someone claiming to be testing a new APS-C camera from Canon wrote in yesterday.

What are they testing?

18mp APS-C
Single Processor (DIGIC V?)
Looks like a 50D, but has a dedicated video button
1080p Video (no info on framerates)
Less weathersealing than the 7D

The same person claims to also be testing the 24-70 f/2.8L II IS and a 100-200 f/2L IS.

The 200 f/2L IS is pretty big (and a personal favorite), how big would a zoom version be?


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  1. I don’t read these things but this article has answered many of my questions. Will there be any more updates to this?

  2. Thats not the maximum you could get!

    The diameter of aperture the 50mm 1:1,0 is 50mm.

    The diameter of aperture the 85/1,2 is theoretical 70mm. (85* (1:1,2)=70.8) “1:1,2” gives you the proportion of “aperture : focal length”

    The diameter of aperture the 200/2.0 is t. 100mm.

    The diameter of aperture the 400/2.8 is t. 142mm.

    It’s simply the diameter of the front Element that counts.

    See the front element as a “collecting lens” that concentrate the light to a smaller area.

    conclusion: a 135mm 1:1.0 would be possible with the EF mount (the front element must be at least 135mm in diameter.

  3. go get the 200-500 mm F2,8 EX DG APO from sigma!

    It’s a bargain for only 25 Grand! And only 16Kg.


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