Various Reports
I have reports from Bern, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway that Mark IV's are being sold to consumers.

I'd like to see an unboxing and/or some high ISO files.

Send it to [email protected]


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  1. So am I a troll because I use Canon & Nikon? I try to pick the best tool for the job at hand. Oh, and I also use MAC and PC! I just can’t make up my mind!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Gerald A. Naus on

    Not you, Greg :) I have 3 Macs and a PC that’s their slave. I may add a Nikon to my 1D3, 1Ds3 and preordered 1D4 when the Nikon D4 comes out, with the 14-24. I see no need to switch companies completely, my Canon primes are just too good. The 200 f2 IS produces pics that look like they’ve already been sharpened. To me, the 1080p made me get 1D4 rather than D3s. With my top Canon primes it’ll be sick ! If Nikon has a better 25600 ISO IQ is irrelevant to me. Great camera though. It’s silly people view this like a religious war.

  3. Would love a 200 f2! I use the 300 2.8 IS for HS sports. Not the best lighting around. That’s why I need the 25600. Able to stop action in the darkness of the conflict. Probably hang the 300 on The 1D IV and keep the 80-200 on the D3s. Keeps the other guys totally confused.

    To me, the video feature is unimportant. I have access to several 3 chip “true” 1080 HD cameras if I need them. It’s a pain to edit the H.264 stuff!

    BTW: What did you finally decide: Mercedes or BMW?;-)

    … and to all a good night!

  4. Gerald A. Naus on

    Two Hondas LOL
    I mainly shoot weddings, models and travel. The video is a great addition to weddings, complementing the stationary video camera. For travel, too, I never had the energy to get out the video camera :) the highest ISO I’ve needed was 1600, which looks fantastic in the samples of the 1D4 I’ve seen. I don’t really use zooms much anymore, with 3 bodies I got everything covered. of course once the 24-70 IS 2.8 comes I’ll have to cave in. I got a portabrace padded Video strap for the 200 f2 IS which is fantastic. At one model shoot I hung a full size punching bag from it heh. Worth the $100.

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