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Vistek in Toronto apparently received their first shipment of 7D's today. They won't be selling them until tomorrow I've been told.

Thanks Dan

I have a couple of denials in regards to the camera being available today at Aden and Downtown Camera in Toronto. I have had friends check Canon's ordering site and the camera has yet to be allocated to a few stores.

It's not much yet
I have word that a few stores in Toronto will have them tomorrow. Two of them being Downtown Camera and Aden Camera. There is reports of a third unnamed store having them.

This post will probably update a lot over the next few days.


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  1. Well…I got tired waiting on a definite ETA from Amazon. Cancelled my order and picked one up at a local camera store in Newport Beach, CA. Now I’m sitting here at work…7D in hand…and no lens!! DOH!

  2. Wow, so tempting to go hunting at local camera stores for one. ScottG, Did you order the kit or body only? I pre-ordered a kit late night August 31st. I hope to get that confirmation email soon. Patience grasshopper.

  3. Yes, the BODY only.

    You should expect to just see the Body 7D’s way before you see the Kits Come out. Why? Canon had seen a great number of the 50D Kits last year where thousands of the lenses from the Kits all showed up on EBay. I’m just as much to blame for that too, as I did the same. The 7D is not really a camera for the average user, so Canon Marketing looks at selling to the installed base of semipros & pros that already have a stock of lenses built up.

    P.S. 17th Street Photo has the 7D in stock right now for the 1699.99 price + 8.00 Ground UPS Shipping from NYC. B&H who I also buy from heavily is looking at 2 weeks, and mostly there messed up from the Jewish holiday being closed.

    I feel nerdy and I have to confess, I went and bought a second one tonight, because now that I have it in my hands I really need a second one. I’m trying not to be a pig about it, but compared to my new 1D MarkIII at 11 fps, the 7D just blows it out of the water in quality.

  4. That’s 18.00 Ground UPS. It’s after hours so I don’t expect to hear from 17th Street until tomorrow. If it works out I’ll cancel my Amazon order and get a lens separately.

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