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A Canon Roadmap? & CR Rating Changes [CR1]

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A Note about CR ratings
I changed the rating system and how it is used on the site now.

Check the graphic at the top for the new rating system. I think this is a better and more accurate way of rating stuff. I hope you agree. The old way just wasnt working.

This was the idea of a reader. Thanks!

Canon Roadmap [CR1]
I received an email outlining a Canon Roadmap

Canon is going to put all cameras in the xD-line.

1D/1Ds for pros
3D (1D Class for semi-pros)
5D (1Ds Class for semi-pros)

7D (70D) and 9D (600D) for hobby photographers.

There will be no 70D, 600D or 3000D. The 2000D is planned for this June/July. (15.1mpx, 960p video @ 30fps, articulating screen and much cheaper than the Nikon one ;)

CR’s Tak
This seems more like a wishlist of camera models. I think there are too many. The 2000D also appears to be overspecced with the little bit of information. I’d have to see more.

An unlikely roadmap, but I passed it on anyway. Stranger things have happened.


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  1. Oh dont take me so seriously Zac. This is a rumors site with alien technology raising megapixels on us all before the invasion begins, and I was body-snatched into a troll a long time ago ;)

  2. Having a goldfish is a relaxing hobby for me. I love their bright orange color and they are not a high-maintenance pet to keep.

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