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USA Rebates

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A bit more info

001 270x300 - USA Rebates
Spend the savings on your significant other.

It appears the 70-200 f/2.8L will have a $200 rebate and there will be an $80 rebate on the 24-70. I’m sure other “L” glass will be included as well. I haven’t seen the 100-400 or 35L on a rebate program in a while (in Canada), it’ll be interesting to see if it shows up now.

I would expect to see a “buy more, save more” type of rebate program in Canada as well. The current rebate scheme is pretty lame.

I have no information about rebate programs in Europe. I rarely hear about those before they happen. Feel free to let me know if you work in retail.

thanks steven


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  1. It’s not really a rebate, it’s more like “you get your $200 instant rebate after we raise the price of $200 on the lens”

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