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A Cinema Series DSLR Isn’t Happening, But a New Cinema Line Likely is [CR1]

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Ever since the Canon EOS-1D C, there has been a lot of chatter and desire to see another “C” labeled DSLR. The EOS-1D C was quite expensive, at more than twice the price of the very similar EOS-1D X and it didn’t sell all that well until it saw heavy discounts.

We’re being told again, in a very cryptic manner that a new cinema ILC series of camera is likely coming by the end of 2018. The source claims that the final decision about releasing the product has not yet been made and that there is still a possibility it will get shelved.

The source did note that their no sign that a EOS C100 Mark II replacement is on the way and the EOS C200 could become the entry level Cinema EOS camera and that this new form factor ILC will bridge the gap between EOS still cameras and Cinema EOS cameras.

This is all very interesting, and we think there is some plausibility behind it all. As such, we’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

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