Canon continues to update firmware for their Cinema EOS line, this time the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II gets some love with new firmware that will arrive on March 21, 2024.

Canon introduced firmware version just a few months back, and now they're about to release a new update later this month that enhances the Cinema RAW Light recording features.

Previously, the C500 Mark II could record 12-bit RAW video at a maximum of 30 frames per second, with 10-bit recording for higher frame rates. The forthcoming firmware upgrade introduces three additional Cinema RAW Light formats, enabling 12-bit recording across all frame rates. This expansion includes the Cinema RAW Light LT, ST, and HQ formats, offering a total of four RAW recording options – a first for the Cinema EOS series according to Canon.

This upgrade allows users to take advantage of these new RAW formats using the C500’s 4:3 and 6:5 sensor crop modes, particularly when employing anamorphic lenses.

The Cinema RAW Light format significantly reduces file sizes without compromising on image quality or color grading flexibility. Cinema RAW Light files are substantially smaller, ranging from a third to a fifth of the size of standard Canon Cinema RAW files, and this format is now supported across all four Canon Cinema EOS models.

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  1. Cine cams usually don't need AF.
    They already have AF.
    They are just missing the new features that the C70 and R5 C have.
    Cinema EOS cameras are more popular for documentary than they are for narrative work.

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