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A YouTube Channel is coming to Canon Rumors

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So we’re going to remain cutting edge here at Canon Rumors and be one of the first to get a YouTube channel. </sarcasm>

It’s long overdue, but it has taken a long time to come up with a concept that isn’t just more of the same, as others already do such an amazing job on the platform.

We hope to launch in April/May of this year.

You can head over the channel and subscribe so you’re ready as soon as we get going.


4 responses to “A YouTube Channel is coming to Canon Rumors”

  1. Yes!
    Caged DR matches shot on crippled video…
    AF arm wrestling
    Color Science Blues in Em
    What camera goes best with your tight jeans and flannel shirt
    and last but not least Cats of the internet!

  2. I like the cats of the internet one, Don could help you with that.

    DR matches with John vs the variety of same accounts.

    Craig, maybe you could get Fro/Jared to help with the creation of what you’ll be doing. He does read this forum after all ;)

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