Unconfirmed report of an announcement
I've been told that a major retailer will be doing a presentation showing off new gear from the manufacturers. When a third party asked about Canon stuff, he was told that he should attend as Canon folks will be interested. The retailer said they couldn't say any more about what they'd be showing from Canon.

The mentioned presentation is the third week of November, so is it possible there could be an announcement the week of November 10, 2013?

This sort of thing does happen with retailers. They're shown or told about gear behind an NDA to get ready for the marketing blitz and to get their orders in on the new products. We have been told previously that no new EOS DSLRs would be arriving in 2013, so perhaps this is for the expected EOS M2?

We have not seen any official invites to press events for that week yet, although Canon doesn't always do that for a product announcement. We'll try to get better information about this.

More to come…


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