The EOS M system was launched in June 2012 to not much fanfare. It was immediately mocked for perhaps the slowest autofocus in the history of digital cameras. The lack of lenses has also been an issue for the system getting any sort of mainstream acceptance. While Canon has improved the camera from the first iteration up to the current EOS M3, it's still not a very compelling mirrorless system for a lot of consumers.

I do own the EOS M3 and all of the EF-M lenses, but it's likely always going to be my last choice walking out the door.

What we want to see in an EOS M camera:

  • A larger camera with better ergonomics
  • Minimize the number of buttons, some of us have big hands
  • A built-in EVF, the tech is out there for a good one.
  • A full frame option in the mirrorless lineup
  • Find some way to make EF lenses work like they do on a DSLR, this is the hard one.
  • More native lenses
  • Don't be afraid to make a $2500 mirrorless camera if that'll help make it awesome.

Some people love the EOS M3, and that's cool. If you're happy, I'm happy you're happy. Maybe I'd just like to see the EOS M lineup expanded, more so than flat out replacements of the EOS M3 & EOS M10.

What do you want to see in the EOS M lineup? Do you like the compact size of the current cameras or would you prefer something the size of the Fuji, Sony and Leica offerings?

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