Invites appear to have gone out for March 21, 2013 in the Czech Republic, the invite can be seen below.

A Thursday announcement day is a bit different. Most announcement days I can remember are either on a Tuesday or a Friday. I'll probably see more invites in the coming days that will clarify the date.

Product announcement invite in the Czech Republic.
Product announcement invite in the Czech Republic.

and another invitation for March 22, 2013.

"Whole new image world"
“Whole new image world”


Canon EOS 70D Coming?
A few places are mentioning March 22, 2013 as an announcement date for Canon. We're expecting the new Canon EOS 70D to be announced, and it will be a big step up from the EOS 60D in terms of technology.

Also expect some lower end PowerShots to be announced on the same day as the EOS 70D. There is no word on a lens announcement.

Source: [PR]


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