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Another Announcement Date – February 17/18, 2009 [CR3.5]

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  1. It’s FIVE years since the PowerShot Pro1 was announced (Monday, 9 February 2004). I’ve been using one as my spare, spare (for when my 1D-III’s die!) and it has just died so I replaced it with the SX1 which feels so cheap by comparison. The Pro1 may have had its problems (and the £1000 price tag hurt a little!), but five years ago an 8MP camera with 7x L-Series fluorite lens was incredible and beat the field hands down . . . it’s still a pretty high spec even by today’s standards. It was announced alongside the 1D-II, with the same resolution . . . so with a little extrapolation, I would like to see . . .
    PowerShot Pro X1: metal body; CMOS sensor 15.1MP (or even 21MP); L-Series IS lens: 28-560mm 20x; 6fps; true 1080p HDTV movie capture at 30fps; 2.8” widescreen vari-angle LCD II.

    None of this is any more implausible than the spec that was announced back in Feb 2004 . . . I won’t hold my breath!

  2. I just a new 15mm Canon Fisheye and the multi-languange instruction sheet lists a Canon 50mm 1.0 L lens throughout the materials.

    I had also noticed some dealing on the 1.2 L in the Tokyo shops.


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