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AstroScope 9350EOS-FF adds night vision to your Canon DSLR

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9350EOS FF 339x281 300x248 - AstroScope 9350EOS-FF adds night vision to your Canon DSLR
I can peep in near blackness now!

Specifically designed for Canon EOS-type cameras. Transforms dark scenes (below 10-4 lux) into bright, high-resolution images. AstroScope incorporates a high quality optic designed specifically for today’s digital SLR cameras and delivers full frame images with little or no vignetting.

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32 responses to “AstroScope 9350EOS-FF adds night vision to your Canon DSLR”

  1. Is this a yes or no?

    From FAQ:

    “Is the AstroScope expensive?

    The AstroScope 9350-series products are cost effective modular solutions. We designed the AstroScope with modularity in mind to save you money and to “build in” a level of forwards compatibility. You can take advantage of the unique opportunity to “swap” our patented Gen III AstroScope common module Central Intensifier Unit from one night vision imaging platform to another (for example, use one CIU for both a camcorder and an SLR camera setup).”

  2. Thank you for your interest in our night vision equipment. We do offer adapters for Canon film and digital SLR cameras. The adapter mounts directly on the camera in between the camera and the lens which allows you to use your standard Canon lenses and maintains electronic communication between the camera and the lens. We just recently posted an announcement about our updated night vision adapters for use with Canon’s full frame sensor cameras. The updated adapter will have a back focus adjustment to make sure you have crisp focus and will have an attachment to take advantage of the full frame sensor. In addition we will offer a variable gain adapter which will allow you to work in very low light situations. The starting price for the night vision adapter with the full frame adapter is about $7,350.00

    We offer several different grades of Gen III Central Intensifying Units depending on your budget and application which range in price from $4,000.00 to $6,970.00.

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