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August 19 – New PowerShots [CR1]

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Announcements Coming
I received word to expect to see new PowerShot/Ixus announcements on August 19, 2009.

No specs or camera models yet, should be hearing soon.


39 responses to “August 19 – New PowerShots [CR1]”

  1. Any more 1D4 info????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????pleeeeeeaaassseeee!!!!!

  2. Because for some reason, some fanbois here expect a ~$1300 camera to match the competition’s $1800 camera. Those expecting the 60D to be a D300/D300s killer would be very, very disappointed come August…

  3. The 25mm is very nice. But no RAW, no aperture-priority, no shutter-priority, no full manual, no manual focus. And a smaller sensor, too, than on the S70. So it’s not exactly the same thing …

    HD video is nice for some people, but personally I don’t care about it.

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