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Aurora Aperture announces development of filters for the Canon EF-to-RF adapters

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Irvine, California, September 6, 2018 – Aurora Aperture Inc. today announces the development of drop in filters for the Canon EOS R.

“The new Canon EOS RF mount adapters provide full functionality for current Canon EF lenses.” said Jinfu Chen, founder and CEO of Aurora Aperture Inc. “In 2017 we introduced a special version of PowerND™ in rear mount format for select Canon EF lenses such as the EF 12-24/4L USM. This unique package is much smaller than those huge front mount adapters and filters, making it much easier to carry and lower cost. With the EF-to-RF drop in filter adapter, we can now offer rear mount filters to all EF lenses.”

Rear mount filters are much smaller than front mount filters, thus lower cost and easier to carry. There are also EF lenses without front filter thread so owners of those lenses can benefit from using rear mount filters instead of large and expensive adapters and filters.

Filters under development for the Canon RF mount adapter include:

  • Fixed neutral density filters family: PowerND™,
  • Variable ND filter family: PowerXND™ II 128 (1 – 7 stops) and 2000 (5 – 11 stops),
  • Circular polarized filter: PowerCPL™.

Also under development is a special tray to fit in the EF-to-RF adapter to control filter rotation externally.

The new filters and adapter tray will be offered in 1st half of 2019. Details of products and pricing will be shared at a later date.