According to this DPR thread , the 5D MkII will be announced April 22, 2008.

Is it real or just some guy testing how easy it is to spread a rumor across the internet… well, I'll be part of his hoax.

I guess it could be real.

Rumored Specs

-15.3 MP full frame CMOS sensor (vastly improved light-gathering capacity per pixel: improved micro lenses; miniaturized micro circuitry; enhanced signal/noise ratio)
– Weather sealing same as 1Ds Mark III
– Dual Digic III with all-new “CXR” NR system reported to best 3rd party NR software. Available as a C.F with 4 levels of customizable parameters.
– 14 bit A/D conversion
– ISO 12800 (C.F. up to 25600)
– Reported 1 2/3 stop sensitivity improvement
– All-new 29-point TTL CMOS sensor
with 12 cross-type for F/2.8 or faster lens
(35% faster than 40D)
– Micro lens fine adjustment for up to 14 lenses
– 300,000 exposure shutter durability
– 6.0 / 3.0 fps
– 3.0″ LCD 922,000 pixels
– EOS Integrated Cleaning System
– Live View (improved from 450D; latest generation)
– 6/3 fps continuous shooting for up to 68 frames

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