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This is some information from a couple of decent known sources about the upcoming 50D replacement. We should expect an announcement in the fall. Canon appears to be holding form on the new 1 year product cycle for the xxD line.

The Goodies

  • The 60D will remain at 15.1mp. There will be an upgrade of the current sensor.
  • There will be 1080p video at 30fps. Probably no manual control. What I got from this is the 5D2 will get a firmware functionality upgrade and the 60D will basically have what the 5D2 has now.
  • We will see a newer AF system introduced.
  • The camera will shoot 8fps.
  • There will be a external mic jack.
  • The camera will be DIGIC V

That's all I have for now.


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  1. 8fps thank you !!!I might go back to Canons now; cause I never could afford an 1 D since the 5 DMk II is 3,5 fps ,dohhhh;I bought myself a D 300 that can take real sports picture for cheap but this 60 D is goin to be great!!!!!!

  2. woo if it is announced in fall then it’s 2 years to get an upgrade. not that bad IF 50d was a good one (in terms of IQ)

  3. I would love 24p in a sub $2000 camera. Then budget, student, beginner cinematographers have an great option for wonderful entry level gear. I wish i could get a 5D Mk II or an XL but a cheaper option with awesome lenses could be a great compromise.

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