*UPDATE* What's the firmware do?
I received some info about firmware 1.2.0. It is a legitimate version.

– Fixes issues related to poor quality third party batteries.
– Added code for upcoming remotes, accessories and lenses.

The source is a good one.

5D Mark II Issue (Direct Quote)

Also, 5DII twitch (confirmed as a metering spike) is known – keeps things looking even for the sensor which fluctuates charge/discharge based upon several criteria.  It's working properly when it does this, sensing changes that are electronic and compensating for image continuity.  It allows for smooth transitions, both while focusing and for proper exposure.  The sudden opening and closing “bridges” the gap during a discharge.  It is inherently random.


A post on POTN shows a 7D with what appears to be firmware version 1.2.0. The current official version from Canon is version 1.1.0.

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New Firmware Coming?

See the thread for more: http://photography-on-the.net/

No word yet on what fixes or features were addressed. It's after April 1, so I think we can assume it's not a PS job.

Thanks Troy


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  1. I see, thanks a lot ! :D

    Actually I just did an assignment which proof your comment Zack (I was the back up photog kinda thing), basically it was a 5 hours event. Around 3/4 of the event the external flash let me down… so I had to use the built in flash. And I noticed during this moment of time; using the built in flash takes a lot of the 7D batt.

    But apart from that… the batt life is great actually…. took lots… and lots of pics without a single batt bar dropping and did three 2-3 mins video.

    I have to say this is so much of a leap from the 450D I owned before; and the reason why I said the 7D has a sub par batt performance was prolly due to me using the wireless speedlite trigger so much… lovin that feature :D

    PS. AF is great, very accurate and snappy but the 7D I owned has this strange random exposure (somehow underexposes the shot; though set on manual with 430 EX II on ETTL) and focusing lock (can’t focus at all) during the event… which is weird but luckily it didn’t happen during the most important period.

  2. whatsthatsmell on

    I have a 3 week old 7D. First charge was just over 500 pictures, some with flash and some video and a whole bunch of playing with the menus and customizing. Charged the battery at 15%.

    Perhpas you spent a lot of time as well in the mun’s customizing??

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