CR reader John has reposted the images from early today, this time processed to his liking. You can check them out on his Flickr page.

Original Post
A reader of our site was lucky enough to play around with the soon-to-be-released Canon EF 16-35 f/4L IS at a Canon roadshow in Zurich recently. He was kind enough to post full resolution JPG files, as well as the RAW files.

I have put the JPG files on my flickr account for you to view. The images were taken using the Canon EOS 6D.

Luigi does say “As I know that some of you are waiting for real world pictures, I have published some of the images. Don't expect anything artistic but just pictures taken while walking around the Prime Tower building in Zurich with difficult light (strong building shadows with pieces of bright sky in the frame) and only 20 min time.”

So no need to be too critical of the images, but they do give you a great idea of corner performance, a long time weakness of the Canon wide angle zooms. You can download the RAW files from the login provided on the original thread at DPReview.

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