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I've been entertaining some inlaws, so I have neglected the site this weekend!

I am posting this because it's being discussed and seems to be spreading around the web like wildfire.

CR's Take
This all looks too good to be true. I have no doubt Canon is working on an EVIL system, but this camera system is a lot for 2011.

My other issue is with the lenses, they're pretty much ALL primes. I have doubts a consumer product would launch with that many prime lenses.

The sensor size isn't very Canon.

The source at Xitek (Where this originated from), is a known bad rumor felon. :)

This is one downside of what I do. Some sites treat poorly sourced rumors as fact and I'm almost forced to publish it. If I don't post it, I'll literally get 100 emails telling me about the information.

Please use this blog/forum post as an outlet to discuss what you'd like in a mirrorless system from Canon. Please don't take this CR1 rumor as fact.


  • Electro Image System (EIS)
  • Sensor : CMOS 18mmx12mm (2X) 22MP back-illuminated CMOS (5760×3840)
  • Continuous shooting : 22MP – 6fps / 5.5MP – 20fps
  • Movie clips :1920×1080 30p/24p/25p
  • ISO : 100-6400
  • Expansion options : 25 – 25600
  • KIT – 12-75 f2.8-4.0 IS Macro (1:2) & 75-300 f3.5-5.6 IS


  • 5mm f4.0 fisheye
  • 8-25mm f4.0
  • 14mm f2.0
  • 25mm f1.2
  • 45mm f1.5
  • 60mm f2.0 Macro

Google Translation for Canon EIS
EIS is in English “Electro Image System” in the acronym, as distinct from the “Electro Optical System” (EOS), is focused on the integration of photography video series cameras.

First EIS 60 cameras will be developed using the latest Canon 22 million pixels of small size back-illuminated CMOS, sensor size is the whole site is just 1 / 4 of that 18mmX12mm, the relative coefficient of 135 1:2 lens, the image resolution of striking 5760 * 3840, starting the auxiliary lens 12-75/2.8-4 IS macro (through the button to switch to 1:2 magnification, the equivalent of full-size 1:1) and the 75-300/3.5-5.6 IS. Are retractable lens.

Pixel-wide continuous shooting speed of machine 6fps, 5.5 megapixel continuous shooting speed of up to 20fps, the new design of CMOS support for pixel sampling merger, 5.5 million pixel sampling can get excellent high sensitivity degree of effect, iso 6400 into practical use.

Video sample support 1920 * 1080/30P/24P/25P, video sampling with three times the pixel fusion, nine points for each integration point as a sample, as were the direct hardware support, so fast, the camera video effects than ever before.

Pixel-wide sampling of native ISO 100, pixel and video modes combined native ISO of 400. 2 * 2 pixels to support the merger and the merger of 3 * 3.

ISO support 100-6400, extension mode support 25.50 and 12800,25600

Canon will launch a series of EIS camera lens, known to include R & D program, including the lens 5mm / 4 fisheye ,8-25mm / 4 wide-angle zoom lens, 14mm / 2 biscuit head, 25mm/1.2 biscuit head, 45mm / 1.5 standard biscuit head, 65mm/2.0 Macro (1:1, 2:1 is equivalent to full-size)

Canon will launch an EF-EIS adaptor to support autofocus on EF lenses.

EIS series of cameras designed for dual SD memory card, double the shutter button, each for storing video and photos, supports video capture video capture process at any time without video capture still photos, video and photos of different buttons.

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