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Canon EOS-1D X Mark II to Feature More Than 61 AF Points [CR2]

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We’re told that the upcoming Canon EOS-1D X Mark II will feature a brand new autofocus system, which was to be expected and that it will offer more than the 61 AF points on the current EOS-1D X. The upcoming Nikon D5 is reported to have either 107 or 173 AF points, which we’re told will be more than the Canon will be offering.

We weren’t told the exact number of AF points, only that the camera would feature a “slightly wider spread” of AF points and we’ll see the return of some kind of illuminated AF point when in AI Servo mode. We expect all of the AF points to be crosstype.

The same source also speculated there would be an advancement in liveview AF for this camera.

More to come…

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