Here are some pixels for you to peep, this is a direct quote from our forum
“I was browsing the photos on Amazon's page yesterday for the 6D and watched this video: Visit for video

At the 19 second mark, it sure looks to me that the app's header says ‘Canon EOS 4D'. i have added a screenshot, but watch for yourself. For further research, see canons page for the EOS Remote app, it clearly shows how the 7D and 6D look in the header, and are nothing like what is in the video. Visit


Screen Shot 2012 09 17 at 4.02.40 PM - Canon EOS 4D Referenced?
Does it say “4D” or something else? Dun Dun Duhhhhh

CRs Take
My eyes are getting old, it could be a “4D”. Or it could be something else. There's a space after the suspected “4”, which isn't there on the “6D” or “7D” headers in the second link. I've always thought EOS 3D was a bad name for a camera that didn't shoot 3D, maybe 4D it is? Although, the Japanese don't like the number 4 all that much, as it means death.

Thanks Rab



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