Canon is set to announce the EOS 90D at the end of August, likely around the 28th of the month. Leaks and misdirections should start to populate the internet between now and then.

I have been sent some information that I cannot verify about the upcoming Canon EOS 90D, and it's a head-scratcher of a specification list, but I'll let you folks dissect it, and hopefully, I can confirm these specifications as true or not in the coming days.

There is one enormous and confusing bit of information in this spec list. Please do not take this as fact until we upgrade the rating.

Canon EOS 90D Specifications (Rumored)

  • Mirrorless APS-C camera body (?????)
    • CR's Take: Perhaps this means an EVF, and not mirrorless? We hope to learn more soon.
  • 31.2mp APS-C sensor (We've seen registration of a 32.5mp sensor)
  • Shoots 4K with no crop (No mention of DPAF)
  • Has full coverage of the sensor for AF
  • 10fps
  • Can support live eyeAF in 4k and Full HD Video modes
  • LP-6N battery
  • Supports clean video to HDMI out

Take this with a huge grain of salt, as an EF mount mirrorless camera seems like a long shot. Some specifications can sometimes overlap with a different product, which might be the case here, as we also expect a new EOS M body to be announced around the same time as the EOS 90D.

I'm just the messenger on this one.

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