Hybrid EVF Coming to EOS?
There is a new rumor floating around about the next high end, and high megapixel camera from Canon. Apparently this camera will have a hybrid EVF, optical for stills and electronic for video purposes. Megapixel count is said to be 35mp or higher, though the exact number isn't known.

The moniker for the camera? The EOS-A1, though it's unknown if that's just the prototype name.

CR's Take
I'm sure there will be a time when Canon starts to experiment with different solutions for the viewfinder in cameras. If the above technology is an actual thing Canon is testing, I'd expect to see it in a Cinema EOS DSLR first. Perhaps such a feature that could differentiate it from its standard EOS cousin? Speaking of which, we have been told to expect a new Cinema EOS DSLR in 2014, and most likely at NAB in “development” form.

A grain of salt on this one, this is a rumor from another web site.

Source: [CW]


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