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Canon EOS R5 firmware update coming in the next 24 hours

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Update 2: The firmware coming shortly looks to be more about bug fixes than feature additions. Cinema RAW Light and CLog-2 and CLog-3 are not going to be in this update, but they are coming soon.

Perhaps the bugs have to be addressed before adding features.

Sorry folks, but this is the way things go sometimes.

Update: A source that is testing the new firmware has warned me not to expect too much of a difference in thermal performance with the new firmware. I guess we’ll know for sure quite soon.

The much talked about firmware update for the Canon EOS R5 appears to be coming tonight, I say “in the next 24 hours” because firmware updates don’t always roll out to all of the Canon sites globally.

I have been told that the firmware update will come at 3 AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) Thursday, August 27, 2020.

That would be today at 9 PM EDT and 6 PM PDT in North America.

I have been told that the firmware update will address video limitations related to record times and thermal performance. I have also reported a couple of times that 8K Cinema RAW Light will be coming in this firmware update as well. Also expect a bunch of bug fixes to be addressed.

I haven’t had any further confirmation of CLog-2 or CLog-3 being added, though they have been rumoured to be part of a future update.

I will update this post once I have a link to the new firmware.