Yesterday a price for the upcoming Canon EOS R5 was “leaked” by an Australian retailer. The price listed was $10,499 AUD. What does that work out to in other currencies?

  • $6700 USD
  • $9500 CAD
  • €6200 Euro
  • £5500 pounds

We've seen the instances of a store putting a random price on a listing for the Canon EOS R5 in Europe and then watched it spread around rumors sites and forums as something real. The price wasn't real then, and it isn't real now.

The retailer in question has taken the $10,499 AUD pricing down and now lists a $200 AUD deposit for the Canon EOS R5, and at the same time admits they don't have a clue what the pricing will be.

Lots of sites did some pretty good free advertising for them.

Once I know the official pricing, I'll let you know. I highly doubt anyone is going to know this information until the week of the official announcement.

There are only two sites I'd trust with pricing before the official announcement, Nokishita who usually gets Yen pricing and well, this site. Sometimes I don't see USD pricing until a day or two before the official announcement.

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