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Canon not done?

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Over at DPR, someone claims to have been given a bit of insight into what's going to actually happen at PMA. Apparently Canon might not be done just yet.

Canon announcing anything at PMA would surprise a lot of people, but every so often Canon does something no one has expected. Maybe this is one of those times.

There is some speculation there could be something with SED, Canon's vaporware television technology.

That seems unlikely.

There is also some translated information at POTN that states Canon will be replacing everything in the EOS line in 2008. I expect a new 5D, 1d and perhaps an updated 1ds, I'm not sure about a replacement for the 40D. Unless they plan to replace the 40D with a FF camera…. the 7D?

Could Canon be waiting for Sony and Nikon to churn out there new cameras before kicking them in the teeth? It has happened numerous times in this industry.

This could be a fun week.

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