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Canon Rumors an adult site?

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Appears so
I’m getting reports by some folks that their companies are blocking this site because it’s a naughty site. It may have been the old flickr link with the “P” word in it.

I’m not sure if I can do anything about it, but I’ll see what’s up. The link is no longer on the site. There could be old posts with the word in it though. I will try to remove the word.

The word on the site has been removed. I guess you can tell your admins the site is clean.


8 responses to “Canon Rumors an adult site?”

  1. yap, this site is blocked by my company network administration as considering a adult site.
    have to access through iphone or my wireless network.

  2. Depending on the filter, you can always report it as a false positive. I wouldn’t send an email to your admin asking him to unblock it depending on your workplace but if your employer is using a service like Websense you could always request a review.

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