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Canon Rumors Has A 7D

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I’m under the weather with nasty cold, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing around with a 7D.

I’ll let you know what I think of it tomorrow.


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  1. ah, and its too late now. 17thphoto is sold out as well. I guess I’m all alone now. lets hope that nothing goes wrong with the 7d I’m purchasing from amazon. If one body can make on time then I can live with no backup.

  2. lock at how funny things have become.. I ordered from both amazon (2th sep) and adorama (3th sep) and I have not recieved either. But at least I recieved 2 extra batteries! I can use them with my 5d mkII.. Now I can double my stock photography, commercial photography working time!

  3. My 7d just arrived this morning.
    Ordered from Amazon Germany, PhotoUniversal for 1629€

    Will post some reviews soon on my personal BLOG.

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