Even at the high end
For all the flack Canon gets from us passionate pundits, they continue to sell more DSLR cameras than anyone else.

Interchangeable Lens Camera Marketshare for 2012 (Japan)

  1. Canon 28.6%
  2. Nikon 25%
  3. Olympus 14.3%
  4. Sony 13.3%
  5. Panasonic 11.3%

An interesting note about Canon, if you remove the lowend of the DSLR market (Rebels, D3xxx/D5xxx), Canon's marketshare increases. I imagine the 5D Mark III plays a big part in that, as well as the EOS-1D X.

Canon's performance in the mirrorless segment cannot be properly measured until the 2013 numbers come in. For 2012, they sat at 2.1% marketshare.

Source: [TH] via [BCN]

Canon EOS-1D X at B&H Photo for $6728


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