Canon EOS C300 Whitepapers
Canon has released two whitepapers for the upcoming Canon EOS C300 video camera. The first one talks about the sensor and its design considerations.

New 35mm CMOS Image Sensor for Digital Cine Motion Imaging


A novel new CMOS large-format single-sensor imager has been developed. It is intended to originate very high quality HD video, and it embodies a number of important technologies that collectively should support the goal to allow image capture that comes closer to the superlative imaging qualities of 35mm motion picture film.

The second whitepaper talks mostly about the system processing of the digital signal.

Sensitometric Characteristics of the EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera


An important new 35mm single image sensor has been developed. It offers video imaging attributes reflective of the most contemporary in CMOS imager technology, and has elevated HD digital motion imaging to a plane that offers a viable creative alternative to 35mm motion picture film.

A great breakdown can be read at Image Sensor World.


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