I was just told that Canon will be announcing two new cameras this week in new segments for the company. I haven't heard a peep about what these two cameras may be.

I also don't know offhand what new segments Canon could be entering.

I have reached out to others to see if they have heard anything.

Update: It looks like the two cameras have internal model numbers starting with “DSC”, which is usually reserved for PowerShot and EOS M.

Update #2: I have been told that Canon will announce new PTZ cameras that will cost around $4000 USD. This isn't a new segment for them though, but their current offerings are $10,000 USD and up.

More to come…

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  1. Please be an APSC compact, weather-sealed, fixed lens camera to compete with the Fuji X100F/Rico GR3 as a replacement/upgrade to the G series.

    Lots of opportunities to redefine that compact carry everywhere camera market.
  2. Canon should produce something like R2 – a flagship camera with the best specs with almost no compromise, relatively compact in size (R5 size), money is no object. Just for marketing purposes. Give it to those youtubers for free. And it would bring a lot of people to Canon.
    I can see a lot of people buying Sony cameras (mostly A7iii) just because their favorite youtuber uses 7Siii or A1
  3. I would buy an up to date modern point and shoot with good spec. I'd prefer a compact APS-C as apposed to a smaller sensor
    So why don’t you buy a G1XIII? A really pocketable pocket rocket.
  4. If the past releases schedule gives any clue, the M series follow a 2 years life-cycle. 2021 should see, at least, some M bodies death refresh :
    M3 : 02/2015
    M6 : 02/2017
    M6 II: 08/2019

    M100 : 08/2017
    M200 : 09/2019

    M50 : 02/2018
    M50 "II" : 10/2020
  5. Woo hoo! EOS M-something! Dream list of features:
    - Runs Android 11 or 12 to allow loading of Adobe LR and other photo apps on Google Play to incorporate into the workflow, also enabling Canon to work with Adobe and other vendors for a plug and play approach to workflow on-device
    - Generous megapixel count for pixel-peeping joy (40-50 Mpx); the era of stingy megapixel count is long past, let's move on
    - Pixel-binning and pixel shift to support low noise for astrophotography and super high resolution for landscape
    - IBIS
    But whatever happens, I'm still excited for the prospect of a new M-something.
  6. - Generous megapixel count for pixel-peeping joy (40-50 Mpx); the era of stingy megapixel count is long past, let's move on
    For APSC 32 MP (as seen in the M6-II is actually not stingy. You'd need an 82 MP (roughly) full frame to hit that pixel density, and few of those are out there. To get 45 MP which you consider non-stingy would be the equivalent of a 115 MP full frame. Admittedly I don't follow other brands (so someone please correct me if I am wrong), but I don't think such a thing exists yet.

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