Canon has updated some 8K video and autofocus specifications for the Canon EOS R5.

8K video

  • 30fps,
  • No crop
  • Internal recording
  • Dual Pixel AF available in ALL 8K modes.

Auto Focus

  • Body AF tracking
  • Face AF tracking
  • Eye AF tracking
  • Animal detect and tracking so you can steadily track your subject.

In case you missed it, you can see the full rumored specifications for the Canon EOS R5 here.

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  1. That’s exactly the way to do it. I expect Canon also will bring no less than 10 bit 422 with this 8K beast. Add to that 4K 10 bit 422 @ 120fps with AF and you have the full package.
  2. So now I am only concerned about price. Looks very similar to 1DX mark III, but it is not the R1. Sure the full specs may tell a different story. I hope it is priced at the 5D level or it is going to be very expensive as the Canadian dollar keeps sliding on health and market concerns :(
  3. These features are beyond my requirements. I doubt I’ll use 8k anytime in the next few years. But, yay Canon! Release the beast!

    When the market started shrinking and a sizeable group started using the word ‘*******’ when describing Canon, I remember thinking ‘but they’re making solid business decisions’...

    This is good solid business from Canon. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m sure it’s reactive, not proactive, but that’s okay with me. Bring on the camera!
  4. My MacBook Pro is going to melt into a little silver puddle trying to process that video. I doubt I’ll even be able to play it back. Let alone edit. Hopefully there are also some good 4K recording options.
  5. Thing is almost nobody want those 8k! Or better, almost nobody will use it! But it´s not the 8k itself! It´s Canon dominating! It´s Canon saying yes we can do it and we are the best! AND I FREAKING LOVE IT in a brand! Of course most of us will not use it but will be great to have! Also that means better 4k files and better overall video specs! And that´s the juice! For me is more important 4k120fps than the 8k.

    I am loving this camera already! From a wildlife photographer and videographer this camera is reaching everything we desire!I will definitely preorder this one and for the first time in my life I will preorder something! It´s just a pain to wait for it...And hopefully we can have a reasonable number of cameras in July or sooner, why not! :D Canon, my birthday is on 23rd June, this would be a hell of a present!

    BTW, today i started building my R sistem. I bought a EOS R and a RF35mm. My firsts of the RF and R sistem! Happy! ;)
  6. This looks awesome! glad to see Canon fighting this way. Defenitely the R5 will be a camera highly focused on videographers (the ones who still with canon, deserves it!) I hope the R6 or any other body lacks more of video features and get focus on still photography
  7. Canon’s biggest successes, for me at least, are when they go all in. Like they did with the 350d, the 5d2, 7d, 1dx, 5d4, and now the R5. Same with lenses, all RF-L’s, 35 L II, 135 f2, 24-70 L II, 200 f1.8, 50 f1.0 etc etc etc...

    This might be the biggest “all in” of them all.. I predict a MASSIVE success...
  8. I’m still wondering what the R5 will cost. I hope it will be in budget.

    Depends on how far over budget. I can always save a little longer if I get that more capability and further future proof. I am just concerned over currency fluctuations.
  9. This might be the biggest “all in” of them all.. I predict a MASSIVE success...

    I read some YouTube comments and it's hilarious. There's still some people out there who seemingly didn't read or understand any of the material that was released. Almost as if they just mindlessly keep beating the old 'Canon is *******' drum for the sake of it :ROFLMAO:

    For the slow guys: Canon has dominated the ILC market without being leading in specs for a long time. This R5 leaves a ton of other bodies in the dust on a number of specs. And you can see the hype that's created. Hype! For a Canon camera! Has there ever been such a thing? :unsure:

    There’s no need for everybody to get excited, but acting as if this was a boring Camera release and they should do better is beyo d silly.

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