Looking through past news articles I see donations made to Chippewa Falls, Sawyer County and this article from Eau Claire County.   I would guess that Canon USA donates to all the CART (Child Abduction and Response Teams) in the USA, and never mentions it.  They just do it.

While they don't get top of the line gear, I'm sure these donations add up around the United States.  While I can't find numbers for it, I'm sure there's a significant number of CART teams around the USA (There are around 3100 sheriff offices in the USA, however not all will have a response team).   While in the USA, it is always a sobering experience to get an Amber alert broadcasted on my phone.  I can imagine, that every minute and tool at the CART teams disposal helps with these cases.

Canon does the little things like this that make me pleased to support this company through the years.

Detective Don Henning was interviewed by WEAU News;

“I can’t thank Canon enough for their generous donation,” says Henning. “It’s a huge benefit for us just to be able to have that readily available and at our fingertips.”

According to Eau Claire County, the team consists of members of all facets of law enforcement, emergency response, non-profit organizations, and civilian search groups that come together when a child is abducted.

Henning says that Canon donates new equipment to CART teams about every 12-18 months.


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