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Canon will announce more lenses at one time than ever before in the 2nd half of 2021 [CR2]

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The first half of 2021 is not going to be an exciting time for Canon shooters. The company continues to work on getting over the supply chain and manufacturing issues, something that is apparently going to be resolved by late March.

A source with a stellar track record has told me that Canon will announce more lenses at once than ever before. The lenses will have different shipping dates, but Canon is going to make a “massive splash with a new camera and many many lenses”.

I have posted the known RF lens roadmap a couple of times, and you can check it out here. Keep in mind that the list may not be complete.

One lens not on the roadmap is a dedicated RF mount macro lens, I have been told numerous times that we’ll see one this year, but I don’t yet know the focal length or speed.

There will be a lot more information on this topic in the coming weeks, I can’t say why, but things should start to come into focus.


Canon EOS R
Feb 12, 2021
I Think that canon should make a low priced RF 17-40mm F/4L lens with IS USM (maybe with 7 aperture blades like the EF version to keep the cost down) and I'm sure a lot of people with low budgets would buy it if they made it about £400. That would be a good price for such a lens.
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Dec 17, 2013
I Think that canon should make a low priced RF 17-40mm F/4L lens with IS and I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't mind if the focus motor was STM to reduce the price. A Lot of people with low budgets would buy it. If they made it about £400 that would be a good price for such a lens.
Historically, STM has been reserved for Non L series glass. Could you write the same post and leave out the L designation and still feel the same way?


Jan 26, 2017
That's exciting! Any hints on where that new camera will fit into the lineup? Are we talking flagship, APS-C, high resolution, EOS-M? All have made the rounds in rumours, but I do which one has the golden ticket for 2021!


Eos R , R6 , R5
Jul 9, 2020
I would love if they would partner with sigma.

I would love to have the 28-70 2.8 in RF, especially since the R5/R6 have ibis.


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Jan 29, 2011
Well that’s not too difficult a guessing game, R1/X along with RF 300 and 400 f2.8’s, RF 500 and 600 f4’s, RF 800 f5.6, maybe RF 1200 and super fast 200. That makes seven lenses without anything most people want or need. I’d guess an RF 35 L either 1.4 or 1.2 and maybe even a fast RF 24 L.

The former isn’t very appealing to the core market without that first bunch of ‘whites’.

Del Paso

M3 Singlestroke
Aug 9, 2018
Still hoping for some lightweight L primes, especially wide angles.
And I don't see the coming RF 1,4/135 as a replacement for the EF 135, it will be extremely expensive, heavy and bulky. So, the risk is customers getting Sigmas or Zeiss instead.
I certainly do not question the validity of the RF 135 concept, but doubt it will be as successful as the EF f 2 /135 L.
Many new RF lenses have been developed mostly for pros, who, doubtlessly need them. Yet, other less demanding and fortunate customers shouldn't be forgotten. There still is a market between professional and beginner. Till now, I could afford most L lenses, but I'd hate having to resort in the future to non-wheathersealed STM lenses. I can't presently afford the RF 1,2/50, but do not want to buy the RF 1,8/50, for mechanical and optical reasons.


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Mar 25, 2020
I just want 2 lenses:

  • Some kind of fast 40mm (F/2 or better)
  • A new 135/2.8
A very slow 12-xx would be great too but is completely unrealistic. Anyway we'll see what they come up with
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Dec 17, 2013
I just want 2 lenses:

  • Some kind of fast 40mm (F/2 or better)
  • A new 135/2.8
A very slow 12-xx would be great too but is completely unrealistic. Anyway we'll see what they come up with
A 40 prime in RF would bring me to the system (to a R6). I know...weird. I just love that focal length.
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CR Pro
Mar 22, 2012
With my luck the new camera will be 90MP R5R and I'll end up parting with alot of money to get it.
I'm still praying its an R1 which I will be able to ignore.
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Andy Westwood

CR Pro
Dec 10, 2016
I think the Canon lens and body supply in the UK at least is improving I see a lot more R bodies and RF lenses in stock these last few weeks.

Might we see a 7D replacement on an R mount, if Canon does have a peep at this site occasionally, they will see a big desire for a quality APS-C R7.

It would appear Canon is well and truly behind the R Mount but being relatively new they are still lacking in lens choice compared to the established Sony range so a flurry of new lenses would be welcomed by us all, but many be not by our bank manager :)

EOS 4 Life

Sep 20, 2020
Nikon has a crazy lens map as well.
Canon and Nikon are looking to pass Sony in mirrorless lenses in a short time.
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Wiki Tango

CR Pro
Apr 16, 2012
I am still hoping for the once rumored
RF 28-280 f/2.8 (no need for IS)
as it would me help to reduce my equipment
from a 5D Mk. IV with the 24-70 f/2.8
and an EOS R with the 70-200 f/2.8
to one R5 with this dream lens for my sports photography.

OK, i guess i would not save much weight ...
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Apr 20, 2020
FF RF Cine
RF Cinema Glass

I'm guessing the exciting camera will be a full frame cine camera that fits between FF c500 with EF mount and the Super35 C70 which is RF and requires the EF RF adapter.

Then the Lenses will be a full cine link of RF glass.

This way they take care of all the current EF glass users and have top of the line C700, C500 and C300 cameras that support that glass. Doing FF RF cine body brings these incredible photo lenses to the cinema world like they did with EF. But they need RF cine glass to pair with these cameras to be used on sets that require full manual glass.

Alan B

1DX Mark III
Feb 2, 2021
What are your predictive prices on these future beasts?!

Canon R1
Canon RF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM
Canon RF 500mm f/4L IS USM
Canon RF 600mm f/4L IS USM