The Cinema EOS lineup has been pretty successful for Canon, but 2019 was a slow year for the system as we only saw one new camera, the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II.

We have been told that at least two new Cinema EOS cameras will come in 2020, one will be the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III, a Super35 4K camera that will follow the modular design of the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II.

The second, and much later in 2020 will be a replacement for the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II. When the Cinema EOS C200 was announced, we were told at that time that it was effectively a replacement for the C100 Mark II, but a couple of sources are saying that's not the case. One source suggested it could be the first Cinema EOS camera with an RF mount “out of the box” and would introduce a new form factor for the lineup.

We have also been told that Canon will not announce an 8K camera in the “usual way” in 2020, but that it will be addressed with some kind of announcement next year.

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