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CIPA Figures Show Disappointing Sales for October

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CIPA has released its camera sales statistics for October 2017, and the numbers may be a disappointment to some companies.

Year-over-year total shipments for cameras in October are down 13%, but between the months of January 2017, through October 2017, we have an increase of 6% for ILC cameras, so we should likely wait to see how November’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales affect the year-over-year numbers.

Mirrorless has seen a good increase year-over-year, but most of the increase is happening in Asia as they continue to erode sales of DSLRs, North America remains a harder marketplace for mirrorless cameras.

Globally, mirrorless now makes up 36% of all ILC camera sales, and Canon is taking a big chunk of that with their revamped EOS M lineup.

The two giants Canon & Nikon need to obviously release professional mirrorless cameras in 2018. However, only Nikon has confirmed that they are doing so.

Read the full CIPA report (PDF)

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