CIPA during CP+ issued what it believes the forecast will be for 2024. Absent any Canon future market outlook, CIPA's estimate is the best we can get right now.

CIPA is projecting a slight fall in volumes down to 5.89 million interchangeable lens cameras with compact cameras to no one's surprise cratering even further to 88% of 2023's volume to 1.52 million units. For Japan, CIPA is projecting an uptick to around 520,000 units of interchangeable lens cameras and 390,000 compact cameras, as with the other regions, down slightly from 2023 shipments.

CIPA notes that the camera market is linked to outdoor and outing demands (for example, people taking trips, etc), and that CIPA still thinks there will be a rebound with increased levels of shipments once COVID-19 is completely out of people's minds in terms of travel and expenditures.

The translated data image from CIPA is shown below. I wish they would have had more in the way of regional estimates versus Japan and “not Japan” but it is what it is.

image 19 728x348 - CIPA Forecast of 2024: No Growth Forecasted

CIPA remains hopeful, so we should as well.

Source: CIPA PDF
Via: Digicame-Info

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  1. I went to a few popular tourist destinations over the last few days, and I was the only one using a camera at each place.

    In Australia, Covid has pretty much been forgotten about.

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