CIPA released the data for March 2024 and showed that the recovery seems to be well underway this year for both ILC (interchangeable lens cameras) and even compact cameras.

Compact cameras have so far this year had a 7% growth in units and a 41% growth in value for the year-on-year results for January through March of 2024. I suspect it's the newer vlogging cameras that Sony and others have released leading the charge here. If we look to 2011 and the first three months, Japanese camera manufacturers shipped 21 million units versus the 392 thousand products they shipped this year. It's certainly not commanding nearly the same levels of research and development that it once did. Even though this segment is on life support, it's not dead yet.

For ILCs, it still seems like DSLRs are holding their own at far reduced volumes than in prior years, it could be that some markets still favor the DSLR with nearly half of them going to the Americas. Mirrorless cameras year on year are up 28% in units and 33% in value. The Americas and China lead the charge there with 24% and 17% of the overall market share respectively.

So far so good for 2024. It's interesting to note that Canon has reported smaller volumes, which means we should see good first-quarter numbers from some of the other manufacturers.

You can view the CIPA PDF here.

Source: CIPA

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  1. Sony compact cameras don't sell well in Japan.
    In 2023, Canon was no.1, no.2 was Kodak and OM was no.3.

    Here is april selling

    Canon can sell more if they release the new model but I think they don't have any resources to do.

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