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DIGIC V, 60D & More [CR1]

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There has been some rumblings lately about DIGIC IV being phased out in favor of the “V” in the upcoming 60D and 1Ds Mark IV.

If this were the case, it would be the first time that a same Mark version 1D & 1Ds would have a different processor.

60D Special Feature?
A regular has told me that the new feature for EOS will be GPS functionality.

Other suggestions I have received are Wifi and 120fps video. Both of which I’d say are highly unlikely.

Another person has said the camera will get a new form factor. It’ll be slightly smaller than the 50D and have no top down LCD. It would still be a sealed magnesium alloy body.

All CR1 suggestions for the moment.

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  2. It is not as easy as most people think. If you pick 2X2 from the Bayer sensor, you will have red, blue and green within that 2X2. What color should it be after binning?? You can pixel binning a Foveon sensor without wrinking an eye, Due to teh sensor has three layers and each layer is all the same color

  3. Seems that the T2i/550D is selling ‘poorly’ in Japan. See April sales in BCNRanking. Earlier Rebel models achieve more than 20% market share in the first half year of release.

    Japanese companies tend to pay a lot of attention to the demands of their local market.

    I am sure Canon will look into this.

    Not sure what the Japanese market wants. But if it’s lower pixel count, then, we may see a reversal of the megapixel race, much like the G11 vs G10.

    The 60D should have a smaller form factor, not too small though: something similar to the D90 is probably fine. And they may want to consider sticking to 12 to 15 MP on the APS-C sensor if that’s what the market wants.

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