DPReview sat down with Canon USA's Chuck Westfall to talk about the Canon EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R. The interview touches on dynamic range, and how it's about the same as the EOS 5D Mark III. Chuck also says the noise performance of these cameras will be on par with the EOS 7D Mark II. The mirror mechanism in the 5Ds & 5Ds R is upgraded from the spring mechanism inside the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, this will help in reducing camera vibration while on a tripod.

Chuck also answers the question about who manufactures the sensor over at Shutterbug, and it is indeed made by Canon. Contrary to some nagging rumors over the past few months.

“Despite some rumors to the contrary, Westfall said the 50.6MP CMOS sensors in the 5DS and 5DS R are developed and produced by Canon. When asked whether they were created in collaboration with Sony as some rumors indicated, Westfall responded by saying: “Absolutely not. The sensors were developed completely in-house, by Canon.”

Sources [DPR] [ShutterBug] via [CanonWatch]


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