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EF 60mm f/2.8 IS Macro

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EF and not EF-S?
A claimed sighting of a prototype new Macro. An EF 60mm f/2.8 Macro IS. The tipster may have meant EF-S.

We’ve already seen a patent for the 60 Macro with IS.

A separate source has said to expect to see the new Macro with a 60D announcement.

New Macro to the Lineup?
The same source says Canon engineers are working on a Macro with the hybrid IS that is longer than the current 180mm f/3.5L. That macro lens would remain in the lineup.

Don’t expect this macro anytime soon.


72 responses to “EF 60mm f/2.8 IS Macro”

  1. I have 15-85 on 7d and T2i. Great lens. Very close to L quality on build. Disagree about 60d. There is a big price gap that needs to be filled. It might not make sense to you but it makes sense to many, many buyers out there that I speak to that want better build than T2i but can’t swallow 1700+ for 7d.

  2. Sounds like pure speculation Jings. Where did you hear it? It would certainly be shocking to introduce a camera below a 7d with a lens that spanks the available kit lens for 7d. However, if 60d is marketed as “video optimized” as some have speculated, maybe it could make sense to enhance low light shooting.?.?

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