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EF Lenses for Movies? [CR1]

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From the world of interesting concepts
I received an email from someone claiming Canon has video dslr lenses on the horizon. How many? They didn’t say.

The concept is this; the lenses will have the manual controls a lot of videographers want… i.e. an aperture ring.

CR’s Take
Other than being a cash grab, I’m not sure why Canon would do it this way over a firmware update. Perhaps an adaptor with an aperture ring? A nice $200 accessory Canon can bilk you for!

I’m filing this under “unlikely”.

This IS a rumors site. I’m going to give you most of the information I get. With the new ratings system, it’s up to you to decide how viable it is.


46 responses to “EF Lenses for Movies? [CR1]”

  1. Who has more dynamic range today might not be the one who does tomorrow. But hey, which is better, jello effect or jerky 20fps? lol I’m sure they will get better on the next round despite the still photo-purists shouting “buy a camacorder and stop messing up out cameras”.

  2. I’m already using FD lenses with an adaptor and getting amazing results. We should boycott any movie lens until we get a firmware update

  3. i ll wait one more month and then if the new firmware doesn t come out (25p and manual control) i m going to sell my 5D.
    thank you canon!
    anyone interested?

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