Some ideals of specs out there
I've read some various things around the web about the next incarnation of the 1Ds line. Some stuff is from conversations I've had as well.

mp: 28-38
proc: Dual DIGIC V 16bit?
LCD: 3″-3.5″
FPS (Still): 5-7
FPS: (Movie): Variable, 1-120fps.
AF: A new 45 point system
Feature: WiFi
Feature: GPS

I'm not sure Canon cares much about WiFi and GPS in camera bodies. I wouldn't hate having wifi, I might use it. I have no clue why I'd want GPS in a camera though, Google Earth applications aside!

I'll be weighing closer to its release. I have it penciled for launch in the first half of 2010.


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  1. GPS would be awesome. I use a sony GPS dongle, but I always forget to check the batteries and they are ususally dead.

    What I want to see is automatic hyperfocal focusing. The camera already knows the aperature and focal length, why can’t it just focus hyperfocally already! Or bring back the DEP mode, and not the A-DEP mode.

  2. it is already a DIGIC 5 ( 16 Bits ) ??

    New :

    1Ds Mark V

    5D Mark III




    it is incorporated a DIGIC 4 ( 14 Bits )

    1Ds Mark IV ??

    5 D Mark II

    50 D ou 60D



  3. I think 2 things are going to bring the revolution to still cameras:

    1st- HQ Electronic Viewfinders

    2nd- Fast increasing speed and storage of SSDs. An 1’8 inch would be ideal for a 35mm still camera (54 mm (W) x 78 mm (L) x 8 mm (H))

    1st and 2nd will allow lossless video compression at higher frame rates, maybe up to 100 fps in 1080p…

  4. About 30 Megapixels is not too much mor than the 21. It is less than the 50D per sensorspace.

    I would like less noise at high ISOs. That could be a real killer-feature!

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