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*UPDATE* EOS Info – Check Your Shutter Actuations.

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Lots of Windows & Mac talk
There’s an apparent uprising to the fact there is no Mac version to the software! Planet5D says they have a 50/50 split between Windows and Mac users visiting their site. So here are my stats.

Canon Rumors Operating System Split (July 1, 2009 – July 31, 2009)
Windows 66.64%
MacOS 31.38%
Linux 1.78%
The Rest 0.2%

The maker of the software has done so for free and made it available to the world. I can understand time constraints with other things in life. Perhaps someone can contact the maker of the software and bring the world a Mac version!

A Most Useful Utility (For Windows Only)
This utility will find your shutter actuation if own a DIGIC III or IV EOS camera. It will NOT read the actuation of any 1D/1Ds series camera.

Download Here: